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We pride ourselves on delivering excellent service to our consultants and clients. We believe that each and every question is important and we welcome the opportunity to answer them personally. Therefore, we invite you to call us (732-353-6814) with any questions and/or comments. Our career consultants would enjoy speaking with you and sharing the core beliefs and competencies of our company.

Our Culture

We are a meritocracy-based organization that recognizes talent and capabilities from wherever they may originate.

We thrive on diversity in background, experience, opnion and encourage healthy debate.

We reward intellectual creativity and encourage everyone to make smart mistakes in pursuit of big ideas. We expect our people to be constantly asking, “Is there a better way?”

When it is too diffuclt to do so, we start early so that we can complete it on time.

We pay our people well, at the same salaries paid by top consulting firms in the world.

We prioritize growth and development, and tailor our performance management plans to each person’s individual goals/aspirations.

We have fun, because life is too short not to.

Who are we looking for?

Our People

 * Are the highest performers (top 10%) from consulting firms and industry
 * Have entrepreneurial spirit and a deep desire to build a better model for consulting
 * Are passionate about helping companies become more competitive
 * Are confident but not arrogant
 * Demonstrate fairness and good sportsmanship
 * Have positive, optimistic, can-do attitudes
 * Have a sense of humor, because life is too short not to

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