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Recruiting Process

The Temple Systems LLC recruitment process is the culmination of more than several year’s experience in the IT talent industry. You will not find this level of service with smaller boutique IT recruiters and you will not find our depth of industry knowledge with the larger staffing agencies that serve multiple sectors of the economy.

We would like to share a brief step-by-step summary of how the process works for you:

A Job is Born: The recruitment process begins when a client requirement, or "req" in recruiter jargon, is sent to the Temple Systems Account Management (AM) team. The AM qualifies the requirement (to make sure the job opening is 100% real) and enters it into Temple Systems Web-based recruitment system, which automatically publishes the position to leading job boards. In addition, we post all jobs on our own Career Portal and find many candidates through personal referrals. And we work hard to provide targeted opportunities to current (or recent) Temple Systems consultants that we feel will match their interests and capabilities.

Application: You may make application online at our Career Portal or email your resume, which is then automatically assimilated into our front office system. A dedicated Temple Systems Placement Manager (PM) collects and screens incoming resumes for each position.

Screening Call: If you, as an applicant, are found suitable for a particular position, you will be contacted by a PM. Typically, s/he will speak with you on the phone to learn more about your background and ask follow-up questions regarding your resume and current situation.

Skills Assessment: If you pass the initial screening, the PM will invite a technical expert (or use an assessment test) to evaluate your technical skill set. The expert is often a Temple Systems consultant or an internal employee working for the client, perhaps a future colleague. Such assessments generally occur by phone or the Web.

Reference Check: The PM then makes one or more reference calls as part of your background check.

Pre-Interview Agreements: Once these checks are confirmed, the PM will contact you to sign pre-interview agreements, including your hourly/annual rate of pay, and a formal hard copy job application.

Client Interview: The PM will forward your entire package to the client. If the client wants to interview you, we will schedule a meeting time for you. Typically, you will interview with a client Project Manager.

Offer: If the client is interested, we will make you an offer at the previously agreed-upon rate.

Ongoing Services: Unlike with self-service job boards and W-2 agencies, the process does not end here. We provide a full suite of immigration services and relocation resources to you, as a new hire. Also, throughout the length of a contract, you will have a dedicated Temple Systems Consultant Manager (CM) to answer your questions and take care of HR benefits and administrative items for you. This enables you to focus on what you do best, while being assured of a high class of service.

Re-marketing Service: Finally, all good things must come to an end, and so do contracts. But your relationship with Temple Systems need not end. So, 45 days before a contract ends, the AM contacts the client. If the client wishes to extend the contract, we contact you and handle the appropriate paperwork. If the client does not expect to renew, then we add you to the Temple Systems recruitment Hot List. Our PMs do their very best to re-market you to our many other clients and prevent any downtime between contracts. (We also, from time to time, offer special programs for individuals on H1-B visa. Ask your recruiter for details.)

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